TER Inorganic Pigment

                                                                                                         MILORI BLUE LA0905

                                                                                                         C.I. Blue 27

HS-Code:                            32041700

EINECS-Number:                247-304-1

CAS-Number:                     25869-00-5

Property / EigenschaftUnit / EinheitTypical values / Typische Werte max
moisture at 105°C Feuchtigkeit[%]4
soluble matter in water/lösliche Teile in Wasser[%]1
sieve residue 325 mesh / Siebrückstand 325 Mesh[%]5
oil absorption / Öl Absorbierung[%]48
Light / Licht4-5
Heat / Wärme150
Water / Wasser5
Oil / Öl5
Acid / Säure4
Alkali / Alkali1
Wax / Wachs0
Strength / Festigkeit[%]105
packaging / Verpackung25 kg paperbag multilayer
shelf life / Haltbarkeit3 years when properly stored. Keep well closed in its original packing in a cool & dry place, not in direct contact with water, sunlight and heat, do not freeze.
main applications / HauptanwendungenPaint, Printing Ink, Stationary
quality / QualitätIt is a very stable product with strong tint and capabilities
remark / Bemerkungen