TER Micronized Grade Iron Oxide Pigments

Our high performance micronized iron oxide pigments are made by grinding and adding diversiform additives according to different and special application.

This kind of iron oxide has not only the common oxide pigment performances, but also the advantage in easy dispersion, high stability of stock, good resistance to reunion tendency and reduction of the superficial attraction between the pigments particles in the application system with the process of adding additives and grinds.

The grindometer values of the Red and Yellow can both achieve 20 microns and Black oxide pigment can also achieve about 40 microns after dispersion in the application. The

tinting strength is enhanced 15%~20% synchronously. You can also reduce grinding time, even cancel the grinding procedure, or reduce the quantity of pigment. It’s main technical specification is same or even better than that of the counterparts of the world.

The existing products are special for solvent system, like paint, solvent ink, rubber, plastic etc. as they are treated with organic system additive. So they can’t be used in water base system, like concrete, coating and the water based printing inks.

Product GradeFull ColorReduced ColorTDS
T110M Micronised Iron Oxide Red iconT110
T120M Micronised Iron Oxide Red iconT120
T130M Micronised Iron Oxide Red iconT130
T3910 Micronised Iron Oxide Yellow iconT3910
T318M Micronised Iron Oxide Black iconT318
T330M Micronised Iron Oxide Black iconT330