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Gellan gum (E418) is a bacterial exopolysaccharide, prepared commercially by aerobic submerged fermentation from Sphingomonas elodea (previously called Pseudomonas elodea), in a manner similar to xanthan. discovered in 1978,1988 Approved in Japan,1992 USA full approved.

Compared with other colloids, Gellan Gum has many peculiar advantages:

1. Low dosage;

2. Excellent thermal and acid stability;

3. Good taste-releasing ability;

4. High transparency;

5. Adjustable gel elasticity and rigidity;

6. Good combinability.

Gellan gum is widely used in foods and various other fields.

(1)Typical foods prepared using gellan gum: Gelled desserts, jam, jelly, pudding, confectionery, sugarcoating of confectionery, frost of cake, filling of cake or bread, and other foods, cakes, and pet foods.

(2) Other applications:Microbiological media, capsules, perfumes, etc.

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